Be Wary Of..Physical Therapy in Beverly Hills FL

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Be Wary Of..
  • Programs promising complete cures.
  • Using your joints and body incorrectly, you could cause harm or injury to yourself.
  • Stimulants e.g. nicotine and caffeine as they aggravate pain.
  • Heavy lifting or pushing (supermarket trolleys can be particularly painful).
  • Pushing through any pain. If something hurts, if possible don’t do it. If this type of pain is allowed to flare up, it can take a long time to settle back down again.
  • Clinics that have you return for several visits without seeing improvement.


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How to Prepare for Your 1st Appt/Exam

Physical Therapy

Patient Testimonials
”I am amazed at the movement I have in my thumb. I have not had that much movement for 15 years.” -Margaret Young, Beverly Hills, FL

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